Maarten Ornstein    Alex Oele    Eric Hoeke

DASH! is a free-funk trio led by saxophonst/clarinettist/composer Maarten Ornstein,  with drummer Eric Hoeke and bassist Alex Oele. Our music is rooted in contemporary, Indian, Balkan, soul and jazz traditions. Hip grooves and beats, electric tenor saxophone, and complex interplay have always made DASH! a unique ensemble with a sound and intensity like no other. The band was formed in 2005 as an octet and reformed as a trio in 2012 after a two year break. Over the years DASH! has played concerts in numerous countries and we have done numerous special projects and collaborations. From working with guest stars form both Holland and abroad to writing and playing full-scale theatre shows and a lot more.  DASH! has released four successful albums: DASH! Off (2015), Lowpass Heroes (2013), Bangalore (2009) and DASH! (2005). Have a listen and play loud.


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